Sunday, November 08, 2009

King Con Brooklyn: Over and Out

King Con has come and gone. I had a great time with fellow creators and comic fans. Thanks to all who bought our comics and prints and/or stopped by our booth. (Also, be warned that you're only encouraging my habit of making up wacky stuff and drawing them.)

Important note: King Con was Keith McCleary and I's last time exhibiting together. Needless to say I was a bit sad about it. But he's moving on to bigger and better things and I wish him nothing but the best.

I took a decent amount of pictures, which I'll put up soon.

Now it's back to my studio (aka. my kitchen table).

Thursday, November 05, 2009

New Prints for King Con, Brooklyn

These are new prints that'll be available at this weekend's King Con, Brooklyn's first major comic con. The misunderestimated Little Death.

Little Death faces an evil Cupid. When love is involved, it can't be anything good.

Cupid's packing heat and looking for some action.

© Frank Reynoso, Nov. 2009, All Rights Reserved

Monday, October 12, 2009

Next Stop: Big Apple Comic Con

It's been a crazy time for me.

Right now, I'm getting ready for this weekend's Big Apple Comic Con. Working on a five-page action/horror comic that I plan to show around.

I'll post those seq pages asap.

As soon as Big Apple is done, I'm going to get ready for King Con, Brooklyn's first comic con. I'll be exhibiting with my pardner in four-color crime Keith McCleary.

I'm slowly emailing all the great people I met at SPX. So, if you haven't gotten an email from me, then either email me or wait for my email.

Lastly, I have more SPX 2009 pictures to put up, which include Neil Swaab, Cheese Hasselberger, Ayo, and many other amazing cartoonists. I'll get to those soon.

Monday, October 05, 2009

SPX 2009 Pictures Pt. 2

I took this picture really damn early in the morning. How early, you may ask. Too damn early because...

... hardly anyone else is set up. But the excitement of another SPX kept us chugging along.

Across from us, Mike Lariccia of One Time Press selling his fine illustrated wares.

Peter J. Lazarski and Mike of Imaginary Monsters set up their booth right beside ours.

All this hub bub is just the exhibitors. We haven't opened to the public yet.

I approve of our spread.

The youngest SPX attendee: 6 weeks old. Take that.

Ron was gracious enough to buy a couple of my comics and asked for a sketch. It took me a little while because I hadn't drawn Jock in some time. Looking at it again, I want to fix it up...

Anthony being eaten by Cthulu.

Pete and Mike of Imaginary Monsters drawing some ill creatures.

More pictures to come...

© Frank Reynoso, Oct. 2009, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SPX 2009

Spent the day recovering from this year's Small Press Expo. Keith and I had a blast.

Thanks again to everyone who came by our table, chatted with us and/or bought our comics. And thanks to the awesome SPX volunteers and staff.

Here's the first part of the pictures.

Fri. Sept. 25, 2009
First night at the Marriott in Bethesda, Maryland. Keith McCleary calling his girlfriend.

First night at the Marriott in Bethesda, Maryland. Me calling my girlfriend.

On our way to pick up our SPX badges in the Overlook Hotel.

And here's one of the hotel's residents. Keith McCleary as Jack Torrance.

Friday night, setting up for the madness.

Our first night ends with Keith and me watching some flat-screen entertainment.

More pictures to come...

© Frank Reynoso, Sept. 2009, All Rights Reserved

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Look for the Green Critter at SPX, Table F15

So many goodies!

First, my comic "Zed and Itty: Beach Bum Bash" is in the House of 12's latest anthology Touching Children's Stories, which will debut at the Small Press Expo and be available at finer comic shops near you. If you can't wait order the anthology here.

This upcoming weekend, follow the green guy to table F15 at the Small Press Expo.

At our booth I'll have copies of the expressionistic nightmare Buenas Noches, the whimsical mini Wish and my irreverent anthology Saucy #1. (Read a review of Buenas Noches and Saucy #1).

I'll also have full-color prints, including these two:

Keith McCleary will have copies of his "multi-racial western" Killing Tree Quarterly, action thriller Deep Throat, and his latest animal-adventure comic Top of the Heap (with prints).

Swing by booth D16 and grab a copy of House of 12's all-new, all-ages anthology Touching Children's Stories, which has my latest comic "Zed and Itty: Beach Bum Bash." If you can't make it to SPX, you can order one at their website.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Couple of Cartoons

I've often felt like this guy...

How can anyone not like pirates? Huh?

Prints of these cartoons will be available at SPX.

© Frank Reynoso, All Rights Reserved, Sept. 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Pics from the Brooklyn Book Festival 2009

This past Sunday, my girlfriend and I went to the Brooklyn Book Festival. The NY Comic Con folks had a booth and held panels by some top creators. (L to r: Danny Fingeroth, Scott Hanna, Denny O'Neil, Tom Raney, and Tom DeFalco.)

Here I am with living legend and my one-time professor Denny O'Neil at the fest.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

House of 12: Touching Children's Stories

Here's the cover for House of 12's latest anthology, Touching Children's Stories. This collection will debut at this year's Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. Among the contributors are Miss Lasko-Gross, Evan Forsch, Cheese Hasselberger, Ayo Brathwaite, and me.

If you're in the DC area, stop by and grab a copy! And while you're there, stop by my booth and pick up a copy of Saucy #1. I'll be exhibiting with Keith McCleary (Killing Tree Quarterly, Top of the Heap) .

(Cover art by Miss Lasko-Gross and Kevin Colden.)

Monday, August 31, 2009

1st Page of Zed and Itty: Beach Bum Bash

The first page from my latest comic Zed and Itty: Beach Bum Bash. It's an eight-page, all-ages comic that'll appear in The House of 12's anthology at this year's Small Press Expo. I'll be exhibiting at the expo along with my great friend Keith McCleary.

© Frank Reynoso, Augt. 2009, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Page 2 of Zed and Itty: Beach Bum Bash

Unlettered page from my children's comic Zed and Itty: Beach Bum Bash.

© Frank Reynoso, Aug. 2009

Batman Sketch

Wanting to take a break from the cartoony style of my children's comic Zed and Itty: Beach Bum Bash, I did this Batman sketch.

© Frank Reynoso, Aug. 2009, All Rights Reserved

Monday, August 03, 2009

Sample Panels from Zed and Itty: Beach Bum Bash

A couple of unlettered panels from my upcoming 8-page children's comic Zed and Itty: Beach Bum Bash for the House of 12 anthology Touching Children's Stories. The anthology is set to debut at this year's Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland in September.

© Frank Reynoso, Aug, 2009, All Rights Reserved

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My interview on Indie Spinner Rack

Charlito from Indie Spinner Rack interviewed me along with some other cartoonists at the MoCCA Fest back in June. It's posted on their blog.

My interview on my latest comic Saucy #1 is halfway into the podcast. You can download it through iTunes or their blog.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pencils for Wonder Woman Pin-Up

These are the pencils for a commissioned piece.

© Frank Reynoso, July 2009, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saucy #1 and Buenas Noches Reviewed on Comic

"“By George,” [is] a brilliant comic-of-the-absurd told in increasingly surreal nonsense-speak that will give a cathartic laugh to anyone whose life partially depends on paychecks from corporations."

Read the full Comic Critique dot Com review of Saucy #1 and Buenas Noches.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

MoCCA Fest and then some

MoCCA Fest was great yet incredibly tiring. Took me a day to recover. Now that I'm rested and have pretty much caught up with emails, I'll be back with more stuff. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Site, MoCCA Fest 2009, and Saucy #1

Exciting times! First, my official website, is up. The splendid display of my visual wares was brought to you by Irina Ivanova. For the latest info and news stay tuned to my blog.

The Museum of Cartooning and Comic Art's annual Arts and Comic Festival is just around the corner and there will be lots of new goodies.

Keith McCleary presents copies of Deep Throat, the mad western Killing Tree Quarterly, and debut his new picture book Top of the Heap. Liz Tillotson returns with more of her popular handmade mini-comics. James Spruill offers a fresh batch of original screen-printed shirts and stickers. My irreverent anthology Saucy (see image) debuts at this year’s fest. Copies of the IndyKids coloring book Coloring Outside the Lines will be available as well as new comics and linoleum block prints by Nik Moore.

© Frank Reynoso, May 2009, All Rights Reserved, except MoCCA Arts Fest image, © MoCCANY

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Deadly Tree Pencils

Needing a little break from the humor comics I'm working on for MoCCA, I penciled this piece.

The idea came to me when I helped my girlfriend make a salad.

© Frank Reynoso, Apr. 2009, All Rights Reserved

Monday, February 16, 2009

Some Recent Stuffs

Here's a selection of comics I'm working on. All these comics will debut at this year's MoCCA Fest 2009.

A freshly inked panel from my upcoming, satirical comic 'By George.'

This is a pencil drawing on tracing paper of little Frankie, the protagonist of my auto-bio comic tentatively titled 'Battery-Acid Test.' This drawing is for the title panel.

Little Frankie entranced by the wonders of Mr. Wizard.

© Frank Reynoso, Feb. 2009, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pictures from NYC Comic Con 2009

This past weekend, the fourth annual New York City Comic Con brought fans and professionals from all over. Overwhelming, exciting and inspiring, these picts are but a taste of what went down.

I regret to say that I didn't take pictures of some amazing artists such as Cully Hamner, Nathan Fox, Walter Simonson, Brian Bolland, Mark Texeira, Ted McKeever, Eduardo Risso, etc etc. But I had fun and look forward to the next con.

Ginormous line leading to the con. To give you an idea of how ginormous this thing was: this pict is just of 1/5 of just this line. There were more attendees already halfway onto the floor and inside the con.

The Ivanovs let it all hang out.
(Irina Ivanova and Serg Ivanov.)

Gotta love us.
(Nanette Maxim, Kris Dolbear, Joe Carmona, and Jiaxing Rong)

This is what the NY Comic Con is all about.
(Serg Ivanov and I.)

The great Brian Stelfreeze makes a rare appearance at the Con. Here he's sketching for a little boy who's going to be an artist when he grows up.

Keith McCleary of Killing Tree Quarterly, killing it at the Comic Con. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

© Frank Reynoso, Feb. 2009, All Rights Reserved