Monday, February 16, 2009

Some Recent Stuffs

Here's a selection of comics I'm working on. All these comics will debut at this year's MoCCA Fest 2009.

A freshly inked panel from my upcoming, satirical comic 'By George.'

This is a pencil drawing on tracing paper of little Frankie, the protagonist of my auto-bio comic tentatively titled 'Battery-Acid Test.' This drawing is for the title panel.

Little Frankie entranced by the wonders of Mr. Wizard.

© Frank Reynoso, Feb. 2009, All Rights Reserved

1 comment:

John Francis Borra, sfo said...

Nice stuff, Frank. I work on tissue all the time, scan it, trace over w/ black prismacolor & usually "ink" on the PC. Always in a hurry in the editorial world.