Monday, October 12, 2009

Next Stop: Big Apple Comic Con

It's been a crazy time for me.

Right now, I'm getting ready for this weekend's Big Apple Comic Con. Working on a five-page action/horror comic that I plan to show around.

I'll post those seq pages asap.

As soon as Big Apple is done, I'm going to get ready for King Con, Brooklyn's first comic con. I'll be exhibiting with my pardner in four-color crime Keith McCleary.

I'm slowly emailing all the great people I met at SPX. So, if you haven't gotten an email from me, then either email me or wait for my email.

Lastly, I have more SPX 2009 pictures to put up, which include Neil Swaab, Cheese Hasselberger, Ayo, and many other amazing cartoonists. I'll get to those soon.

Monday, October 05, 2009

SPX 2009 Pictures Pt. 2

I took this picture really damn early in the morning. How early, you may ask. Too damn early because...

... hardly anyone else is set up. But the excitement of another SPX kept us chugging along.

Across from us, Mike Lariccia of One Time Press selling his fine illustrated wares.

Peter J. Lazarski and Mike of Imaginary Monsters set up their booth right beside ours.

All this hub bub is just the exhibitors. We haven't opened to the public yet.

I approve of our spread.

The youngest SPX attendee: 6 weeks old. Take that.

Ron was gracious enough to buy a couple of my comics and asked for a sketch. It took me a little while because I hadn't drawn Jock in some time. Looking at it again, I want to fix it up...

Anthony being eaten by Cthulu.

Pete and Mike of Imaginary Monsters drawing some ill creatures.

More pictures to come...

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