Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Art Opening: Artists Against the War

This one is for those who'll be in NYC tomorrow night:

The Society of Illustrators in NYC is having a killer art opening tomorrow night: Artists Against the War, featuring art work by such great artists as Peter Kuper, Steve Brodner and Lynne Foster
. You can also pick up a copy of their awesome book.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Zombie Pin-up For Zombie Bomb #3, Dark Daze by Terminal Press

The holidays sent me into such a tailspin that I forgot to post this way back in December. I did this pin-up for Zombie Bomb #4, Dark Daze, which debuted last month. The comic features new works by your favorite creators Adam Miller, Rich Woodall, Keith McCleary, Josh Morrissette and me. Grab your own copy of it and while you're at it, order a copy of Zombie Bomb #3, Highly Contagious that has the comic "NecRomancer" written by Keith McCleary and drawn by me.

The great folks at Terminal Press also used my zombie pin-up as part of their promo for the debut of Zombie Bomb! #4, Dark Daze.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Spider-man Commission

Commissioned Spider-man piece for my good friend Rebecca Giordano.
Bad luck with women, lack of money, corny sense of humor, and really cool super powers: what's not to love of Spider-man. It was fun to do something with one of my favorite superheroes.