Monday, October 20, 2008

A few Pages from "The Phenomenal Jock"

A couple of years ago, I made the short comic "The Phenomenal Jock." Not happy with the story, I put it aside and never published it. Fast forward to SPX 2008, on the darkened bus ride from Washington DC to NYC. While everyone snored and farted in their sleep, I came up with a few extra pages of material that should really fatten the story out.

If all works well, this comic will debut at next year's MoCCA Arts and Comics Fest in NYC. (And New York Comic Con, if I get a table in artist's alley.)

I'll post the newly penciled pages as soon as they're done. For now, check out the first couple of pages of this minor epic.

© Frank Reynoso, Oct. 2008, All Rights Reserved

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