Sunday, August 14, 2011

Liefeld and Mignola

Following a series of links, I came upon this post on Rob Liefeld's site.

"... way back in 1991 while I was writing and drawing X-Force and the schedule was getting heavy and after the initial 7 issues I needed a break. X-Men editor Bob Harras had some potential fill-in artists in mind, one of which was Mike Mignola whose work I loved. Bob wanted me to stay on as layout artist for the issue as well as provide a framing sequence to keep the flow of the book."

As usual, Mignola did a stellar job creating dense atmosphere and an evocative story. What I find most interesting about this is where Mignola departed from Liefeld's ideas: rather than going with dramatic angles that Liefeld suggested, Mignola used simple designs and focused more on composition, spot blacks and shadows. It's not often that we get a look at how two radically different artists approach the same material.

"Funny note, afterwards Mike told me he never, ever draws downshots, or anything from a bird’s eye view. You’ll see that he adjusts anytime I call for a downshot."

I highly recommend checking out the other pages Liefeld posted.

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