Thursday, June 19, 2008

More pictures from this year's MoCCA Fest

Here's another batch of picts from this year's MoCCA Fest.

(Liz Tillotson and I sharing a moment.)

(Check out the spread. Toy octopus courtesy of Nik Moore and Liz Tillotson.)

(The always-in-demand Nik Moore and Liz Tillotson on the frist day of the fest.)

(A couple of tired pups after a weekend of comix fun. Moi and James Spruill.)

SPX anyone...?

© Frank Reynoso, June 2008, All Rights Reserved

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Ryan Dunlavey said...

Hey Frank - Thanks for the minis - my son loved the super-mini with the yellow cover (I don't remember the title off-hand, and it's stashed in his room somewhere at the moment). Good to meet you at Mocca this year, sorry it was at the absolute last minute, even though I was sitting right behind you the entire time!