Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hey hey hey

Hey folks,

I got over my bout of fatigue and have lots of goodies on the way: the California same_sex bill veto, NASA's plan for New Orleans and H&M's new clothing line... but, due to some technical difficulties, i can't put up any new cartoons tonight on neither of my blogs:
however, there is some good news, i'm going to do a new cartoon series tentatively called "homeslice." it's going to be a new york centric comic. right now, due to my work load, "homeslice" may be a weekly sort of comic. i want to focus more on marshal's law and vanilla. (these 2 are my babies hehehehe)
anyways, thanks to everyone for your support.
oh yeah, i'm going to respond to all your posts when i put new shit up.

frank reynoso

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